Idaho 2011, Day 31—A Busy Sunday

Church today.  We returned to Community Protestant Church; we may have been going there too long as it’s beginning to feel comfortable!  We finally got to hear their minister today for the first time—after a substitute, the youth presenting the service, and the Gideons.  It gives us a whole new perspective of what visitors to our church may experience, and we’ll definitely be more open and welcoming to guests.  The sermon today was on “Doing The Right Thing” and it was excellent!  He cited some examples of people doing the right thing, and ended by advising us to do the right thing for the right reason, not because people are watching, etc., but because it is simply the right thing to do; we were both moved by the message.  It was good to be back in church after missing last Sunday.

We drove to Hebgen Lake after church to take a look at an access recommended by a fellow RVer and fly fisher, and saw a few “gulpers” rising to hatching insects.  The access looked real good for launching a float boat, and if weather conditions permit, I’ll be out there tomorrow.  On our return to the RV park, we stopped at Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and I purchased a Montana fishing license, a 12-foot leader, and a few flies.

Today was Bunko Day at the RV park, and they decided to warm up with Left Center Right.  Kay finally came through and won some gas money for us to return home.  Then, she promptly lost $5 at Bunko.  Seriously, they had a great time and it was a good way to meet people.

Kay made vegetable beef soup today, and though the temperatures were in the low 80s, it was good.  Since there was plenty of soup, Kay took some to the folks that gave us the tip on Hebgen Lake, and they invited us to a group Happy Hour.  There were three couples, all from Albuquerque, who spend the summers here at Red Rock.  Two of the lades had gone to high school together in California, and only reunited after 30 years or so, in Albuquerque, and two of the guys worked together and had been lifelong friends.  They were our age, and come to Red Rock because of all the activities in the area, not because of the cool weather.  The ladies, all in their mid-60s, go kayaking once a week—what a hoot—and invited Kay along for tomorrow.  They loaded their kayaks and paddling paraphernalia on the truck, tied them down, etc.  Isn’t it great?  This senior citizen stuff is wearing me out!

We ended the day by watching the first part of Rough Riders, after watching the second and last part last night, and Sam Elliot was much more prominent in this part.  This was an excellent movie, and was historically accurate; we highly recommend it.

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