Memphis to New Orleans, and the Norwegian Spirit

With only a few hours sleep, we awoke early, drove to Jenny and Brian’s, loaded their luggage, and headed towards New Orleans a few minutes before 6 a.m.  The drive was uneventful, and we arrived at the port about 12:30 p.m.  Parking and unloading at the New Orleans Port make it easy as the multi-deck parking lot is immediately adjacent to the ship.

Checking in and boarding were accomplished quickly, and we climbed to the upper deck, and buffet, until our cabins were ready.  The embarkation party was on decks 12 and 13 near the four hot tubs and pool.  They had a full grill going and a band playing great music.  Jenny and Kay danced with a group doing the electric slide, then the Macarena, and finally the song, YMCA. IMG_1047 Brian and Donald were probably hoping that no one noticed we were with them!  We are always amazed by people who cruise.  On this particular cruise, there seem to be more smokers, more people in wheel chairs, walkers and canes, and more people with health problems.  It’s pretty easy to see why our health care system is in such dire straits!  The food at the buffet is much better than it was on Norwegian’s Pride of America in Hawaii in May.  Today, the fresh fruit was particularly good.

Our cabins were ready about 2 p.m. but luggage arrival was late.  In fact, Kay’s luggage did not arrive—the tag had been lost, and she had to retrieve it at the reception desk—whew!

The orientation show featured most of the acts we would see during the week, and was so so.  Interestingly, the cruise director made several jokes about the sizes of the cabins and their bathrooms.  He obviously has never traveled in an RV.  Kay thinks the shower is pretty nice.  It’s just a matter of your perspective. 

With full tummies, and all of our luggage, we turned in for the evening, making our way down the Mississippi River, and out into the Gulf of Mexico.

Note:  Excepting weddings and such, we try to take a trip with one of our kids each year—as it seems the only way we get one-on-one time without too many distractions.  First was Jenny’s wedding in 2006, then Ron accompanied us to Quetico Wilderness in 2008, then Karyn and Matt were married a few weeks later that same year in the Bahamas.  So, we’re back to Jenny for the cruise to the Western Caribbean.  Karyn, it’s your time next, IF we don’t run out of money or good health.

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