Western Caribbean via Memphis and New Orleans

Departing home shortly before lunch, we drove towards Memphis for an overnight stop before continuing south to New Orleans where we board the Norwegian Spirit for a Western Caribbean cruise; more about that tomorrow.

At Franklin, AR, we stopped near noon at a restaurant that had been given some good press, Calibama, so named because the couple who own the place hail from California and Alabama, respectively.  It was opening day of deer season in Arkansas and most of the clientele were wearing camouflage. We were not impressed with the food or ambiance, and would not rearrange our schedule or plan a route to stop there again.

We arrived in Memphis about 4:00 p.m. and immediately drove to Costco, though the much sought after bargains were not quite as important as when we were 4 hours away looking at their sale brochure and internet site.  A few texts back and forth with Jenny to arrange dinner, and we were off to our hotel for the night.  We ate at Genghis, a Mongolian grill, visited with Jenny and Brian, and retired to the hotel for a short night’s sleep before departing for New Orleans.

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