RVFEST 2010—Seminar Day

Today marks the middle of the rally, and it’s an “action” packed day.  We always start with coffee in the RV, then join the others in the community room for coffee and a deluxe continental breakfast.  Breakfast can consist of any combination of pastries, cereal, boiled eggs, biscuits and gravy, fruit, and juice.  It’s not a large breakfast by any means, but more than sufficient to get one to lunch.  At 11 AM, a Chinese auction was held to benefit KOA’s Camp for Kids with Cancer, and over $350 was raised.  Kay made a donation but didn’t accept the tickets as we have enough STUFF already.
PICASA AND BLOGGING SEMINAR  Beginning at 1 PM, yours truly gave two seminars:  the first was an introduction to Picasa, and the second was an introduction to blogging.  Attendance was relatively small (25), but those who attended seemed to learn a lot and the level of enthusiasm was quite high.

Following a nap (gee, these things are getting contagious), we were almost late for hot dogs, baked beans, chips, and desert.  Of course we have to severely limit our intake of calories, and it’s soooo hard!  A good blue grass/gospel band, Conley-Schmidt, played and sang as the evening’s entertainment.  Schmidt, leader of the group, is the son of an Amish minister, and had crafted his own guitar and violin.  He also played dobro.  They were an enjoyable group with an acerbic sense of humor.

KAY’S TAKE:  This couple above have been married 30 yrs.  They have 4 older children and then these two younger children came along.  It’s like two separate families.  They are also the grandparents of 8 grandkids.  She is much younger looking in person, I thought.  The banjo player on the back left was a very good musician and could sing really well also.  He was quite funny and I believe he’s Amish.  Hmmmm – I’m tired and sleepy tonight; my nap was cut too short!  hehehe.

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