RVFEST 2010—It’s The Truth

Morning began with coffee, breakfast, and a morning stretch, led by fellow Alaska and the Yukon caravaner, John.  The morning stretch has proved to be quite popular and is very similar to physical therapy which some attendees have undergone.

SHIPSHEWANA FLEA MARKET  Kay and I drove to Shipshewana to attend their weekly Flea Market.  We thought the Don Wes Flea Market in Alamo, TX, was big, but is no comparison to this one.  The parking lot covered perhaps 75 acres and the Shipshewana Flea Market had row upon row of venders selling everything—if they didn’t have it, you didn’t need it!

RV AND MH MUSEUM AND HALL OF FAME  We drove through the rain to Elkhart, IN, to the RV and MH Museum and Hall of Fame, displaying a collection of both old and new RVs.  This was an opportune time as 2010 marks the 100th anniversary of RVs.  We spent about an hour and a half in the museum.
Upon returning to RVFEST, a pork BBQ dinner awaited, and we were entertained by a fantastic 18 piece jazz band called Truth in Jazz.  They were one of the best we had ever heard, with members comprised of northern Indiana band directors, professional musicians, and musical instrument company executives.  In addition to being the world center for production of RVs, this part of Indiana was, and to an extent, still remains one of the leading areas for the manufacture of musical instruments such as Ludwig drums, some brands of keyboards, and some brands of horns.  Regrettably, the concert was interrupted by severe and violent storms, including 4 tornados within 3 to 4 miles!  We waited out the storms in the safety of a tornado shelter, restrooms, etc.  We had enough time to button down the hatches on the motorhome, and safely stow loose items.  None of the 80 RVs suffered any damage.  Anyway, that ended the concert prematurely.

After working about one third the way through, ominous skies and a light downpour convinced us to return to the car.  Just a few minutes later the bottom fell out with heavy rainfall.

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