Wednesday through Sunday, February 1-5, 2023—A Bit Bored

Kay was still experiencing a sore left hamstring, and joined me in seeing the chiropractor on Wednesday; he recommended exercises for her, but did not schedule any further appointments. I continued the TENS treatment at his office, concluding the daily appointments on Thursday.  

Having waited the advised two-day moratorium on pickleball recommended by the ortho clinic, I was off to the pickleball courts on Friday for a  couple of games on the challenge courts. It was obvious the time off had impacted the hand/eye coordination and ability to hit near the lines. I did experience some slight soreness afterwards. Later in the afternoon, two courts of “Arkansas” pickleballers played several games, and Kay was able to finally play after a week’s absence. Significant pain and soreness reappeared in my right shoulder during the evening. Consequently, Saturday was a “down” day with a bit of coach housekeeping on the schedule.

Kay opted to rest her hamstring Sunday, and I departed early and traveled to the Salt River northeast of Phoenix in an attempt to photograph wild horses.

No luck spotting wild horses, but the “mountain” atmosphere in the western part of Tonto National Forest was a welcome respite from the daily grind of hanging around the RV resort.

Even a Phainopepla posed for a photo.

From the Salt River, I drove to the Riparian Preserve at Gilbert to see if any birds were posing for photographs. As with the absence from pickleball, the absence from photography had definitely impacted my ability to make good photos! 

A brief stop was made at Costco to pick up some much needed coffee, Coke, and beer. We attended a dinner/concert in the evening featuring Piano Men: Generations—the Music of Billy Joel and Elton John. Father and son team of Terry and Nick Davies and their incredible band provided an outstanding concert, perhaps the best we’ve seen at any of the winter shows presented at the resort.

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