Tuesday, December 6, 2022—Waterfalls and the Sarapiqui River

A buffet breakfast was at 7 AM, followed by a presentation, Knowing Your Camera and It’s Capabilities. Luggage was loaded at 9 AM, and the bus was headed north for our first stop at the La Paz Waterfall high in the cloud forest jungle north of San Jose.

The 121 foot high waterfall was immediately adjacent to the highway.

La Paz Waterfall

Just a few kilometers further north on Costa Rica Highway 126, a stop was made for lunch at a local roadside restaurant. There, we observed the 229-foot high San Fernando Waterfall across a deep, wide valley.

San Fernando Waterfall

Also, many birds were nearby at feeding stations just off the deck of this wonderful restaurant in the cloud forest.

From the cloud forest jungle, the tour proceeded to Puerto Viejo de Sarapiqui for a river tour of a small section of the Sarapiqui River. Green Iguanas, a Caiman, Howler Monkeys, and Three-toed Sloths were seen as well as numerous bird life.

Green Iguana
Howler Monkey
Common Basilisk
Howler Monkey
Green Iguana
Three-toed Sloths
Green Kingfisher

And then, it was off to our lodging for the next three nights, the Rainforest Lodge, overlooking the boulder-strewn white water of the Sarapiqui River.

A map of the day’s travel follows.

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