Tuesday through Sunday, November 1-6, 2022—Almost Like Christmas…

The aromas coming from the kitchen early this week reminded me of the Christmas season when Mom was still alive. The blended, but somewhat distinct aromas of cakes, pies, cookies, appetizers, and chowder, etc. filled the house. These were the result of Kay preparing to host the monthly meeting of Naomi Circle, a ladies church group, and The Book Club. Hosting the The Book Club is a BIG DEAL among its members, and each goes all out. I spent the early part of the week painting the printer stand made for me by good friend Dan. It is awesome.

Consequently, with those two affairs happening Wednesday and Thursday, respectively, I skedaddled our of the house to play golf on Tuesday and explore the Quachita National Forest on Thursday. Not much to photograph was found while touring the forest.

Pickleball was also on the agenda for Wednesday and Thursday mornings.

On Friday, Kay and Pam shopped at “Glitz and Garland” in Benton, while I hung around the house doing a lot of nothing; I did cycle to Balboa Baptist Church to play pickleball, but for some reason the outreach building was all locked up. On Saturday, Kay and I traveled to Costco to cash a couple of award “redemptions” for spending money there, and bough way too many things including a powerful battery operated blower for removing all the leaves and pine needles. Upon returning home, played the front nine at Magellan Golf Course. For the last couple of years, we have enjoyed playing an occasional game of golf together, particularly since I was advised not to give her helpful hints while playing!

Sunday was church day, but I woke up with an upset tummy, so Kay represented us at the late service. The tummy finally settled down after lunch, and we both played pickleball at Diamante. We so enjoy all the players there—nice, nice people. When checking email, I noted that Costco had the same blower we purchased yesterday on sale, and for $10 more, it came with an extra battery. So, I was off to Costco to return the previously purchased blower, and had my hearing aids serviced while there; except, I forgot them and they are still at the store to be pickled up later this week. Kay leaves tonight for a junket to the Gulf Coast with some girlfriends to donate money to the casino.