Monday through Friday, September 26-30, 2022—All about Pickleball

This entry is all about pickleball, or mostly all about pickleball. The first annual Diamante CC pickleball championship occurred on Monday and Wednesday. Monday was for preliminary matches to determine seeds for the championship matches on Wednesday. Both Kay and I played. There was a good crowd and some really good pickleball played.

On Monday, Kay first played doubles with tournament co-organizer Paula Hibbs; they were a bit outgunned. In her mixed doubles match, she was paired with tennis great Chuck Hirsch, and  while they competed well, could not overcome the excellent play of their competitors. I played mixed doubles paired with Bev Graham, and we managed to win all of our matches, gaining a No. 1 seed! Bev was, as usual, outstanding. Paired with Randy Bergfield in mens’ doubles, we could not match the near errorless games played by the competitors. Nevertheless, it was a grand time.

Kay , a glutton for punishment, played pickleball again on Tuesday with her women’s group, and I played golf with the church men’s group. Interestingly, our 4-person golf scramble team won with a 90-year old and a golfer who had never played before.

Wednesday was pickleball championship day at Diamante. Neither Kay nor I did well enough to win in our division.

Here is a list of the winners:


Women’s Division:  Bev Graham and Cindy Secora

Mixed Division: Clint Atchley and Jeannie Brandeberry

Men’s Division: Peter Julian and Johnny Hibbs

Runners Up:

Women’s Division: Renee Robinson and Stephanie Noblett

Mixed Division: Bev Graham and Donald Dunn

Men’s Division: Chuck Hirsch and Ron Graham

Overall Points Winners:


Bev Graham 167

Renee Robinson 115

Jen Stout 113


Peter Julian 130

Ron Graham 129

Donald Dunn 128

Kay played pickleball again on Thursday, and I played golf with our “Arizona” group.

We were without any scheduled events on Friday! With great weather, we played golf together, and had a great time. Both of us tired quickly, though.

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