Friday through Sunday, September 2-4, 2022—Almost Back to Normal

Unpacking has almost been completed, clothes washed and put away, and streaming channels on TV signed into—we’re almost back to normal.

We both enjoyed some time “catching up” with friends. On Friday, I did manage to get out and shoot a few butterflies and dragonflies.

Viceroy butterfly
Viceroy butterfly
Clouded Skipper
Eastern Pondhawk dragonfly
Slaty Skimmer dragonfly
Eastern Pondhawk

Kay and I celebrated our 22nd anniversary with drinks and dinner at the Diamante Country Club. It’s been a great run with lots of travel, fun, and a few heartaches during our 22 years; we “lost” all three of our remaining parents, “lost” one brother and sister, saw three kids’ marriages and two divorces, and had five grandkids born during this time. Yes, we are blessed.

Saturday was a down day, i.e. a day of rest. We did very little. There were no butterflies, only a few dragonflies, and the hummingbirds would not cooperate, thus no photos.

After church on Sunday, we met the Hartmans for brunch at Diamante, and the club has definitely upped their game food wise. The brunch was quite good. Kay and I had looked forward to pickleball Sunday afternoon, but most of the regulars participated in a golf tournament at Diamante. An afternoon nap and more rest was the order of the afternoon for me while Kay and Pam visited the casino until mid-evening.

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