Monday, August 22, 2022—Fly Fishing North Fork Clear Creek

We were up early this morning, the car was packed with fly fishing gear, and we drove into town to the Rio Grande Fly Shop to meet our guide for the morning, Ben Newman. I had asked Ben to fish a mountain creek, and he came through with private waters on North Fork Clear Creek, west of Creede, Colorado.

Ben Newman, fly fishing guide

Suited top in waders, boots, and fly rods and reels, we walked to the 15-foot wide creek, crossed, and began fishing upstream. Fishing was tough! Kay had the first hookup, a small trout, and experienced a long distance release. We continued fishing upstream, changing flies regularly. Ben was gracious enough to spend essentially all of his time with Kay. We fished another couple hours without a strike. I dug into a vast assortment of “old” flies from my vest, and tied on a hopper with a #14 Flashback Pheasant Tail nymph dropped about 16 inches. Casting towards the far bank, the flies landed in the 3-foot slot between a bubble line and the bank, and the hopper disappeared. I yelled, “Fish on” and Ben came to net the approximate 14-inch Tiger trout.

A tiger trout is a cross between a brown and brook trout. I caught another couple of small trout on the “rig.” Despite fishing really hard, neither Kay nor I had any further success.

Walking out, Kay remarked that the soles of my practically unworn wading boots had delaminated. It had been 8 years since they were last worn, but they had been keep in an air conditioned dark closet; I expected better of Simms. Also, my slightly worn Simms Guide waders sprung a leak at the seem between the sock and the leg. Lots of repair work to be done.

Simms Guide wading boot delamination

We bought licenses for 5 days, and the guide promised to call regarding his success the next day, and for us to schedule another trip. He also asked for some “show” flies and said he’d send his address for me. He never called nor sent his address; consequently, I cannot recommend him.

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