Friday, August 19, 2022—Pickleball, South Clear Creek Falls, and the Theater

Before scheduling our trip to Creede, a check was made to determine if they had pickleball, and they did.

This morning we headed into town to the Virginia Christensen Multi Use Facility; several folks were waiting at the locked door, and it opened at 9 o’clock sharp. We paid $3 each, and walked into the “gym;” this “gym” serves multiple purposes and the floor was covered with line markings—full court basketball, half court basketball, volleyball, hockey, and pickleball. Portable nets were quickly set up to form two courts, with a barrier net between them. We all grabbed paddles, and began dinking (warming up.) Dividing into two groups of four, the games began. It was so much fun, and most of the people there were our age and from the local RV park. One gentleman, Robben, was 97-years old, and an excellent player. He couldn’t move very far or fast, but could place shots on a dime. At 12 o’clock noon, play ended as another group took over the court; they were from an RV park in Southpark, Colorado, between Creede and Pagosa Springs, and were very good.

Lunch was at a local eatery, and then it was back to the cabin to change clothes. We then drove north on the Silver Thread Scenic Byway to the South Clear Creek Falls trailhead. The short hike (1/2 mile roundtrip) starts in the Silver Thread Campground in an aspen grove.

Kay on the trail to the South Clear Creek Falls

A couple of wildflowers beckoned for photos.

The trail then switchbacked down towering cliffs surrounding a forested bowl to a viewpoint with a metal railing. We then took a rather treacherous trail that lead down to the base of the falls and to South Clear Creek. Raspberries were plentiful along the trail to the base of the falls. South Clear Creek Falls is one of the most impressive waterfalls in Colorado. While not quite as tall as Bridal Veil Falls (Colorado’s tallest waterfall) or neighboring North Clear Creek Falls, it is a powerful waterfall and the trail allows you get up close and personal.

South Clear Creek Falls as seen from its base

Along the trail and in the campground parking lot, wildflowers were seemingly blooming everywhere. Here are a few photos.

Scarlet Gilia

It began to lightly rain, putting a kibosh on our other afternoon plans. It was back to the cabin to again change clothes before heading into Creede for a performance at one of the two theaters in town. Just as we finished changing clothes, the electricity went out. Apparently, the whole area was without power. Nevertheless, we drove into the unlit town, but the lack of electricity prevented the performance. It was back to the cabin. We dug out portable power banks from the car, for our CPAPs, plugged in a table lamp, and then the power came back on, ending an exciting day!

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