Sunday through Sunday, July 24-31, 2022—Dog Days of Summer, Part 3

Near record breaking heat and high humidity continue in central Arkansas, making doing chores and playing outdoors uncomfortable most of the day. Consequently, our lives are pretty quiet. Sunday was church, after which I shot a few photos in the back yard; only a lone Robber Fly was observed. We played bridge Sunday evening with the Morrises.

Robber Fly

I played pickleball on Monday, shot photos on Tuesday, and played pickleball again on Wednesday, and Thursday mornings; but didn’t play golf this week because of the extreme heat.

Kay played pickleball twice on Tuesday, golf on Wednesday, and pickleball again on Thursday.

Dan and I went to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area on Friday, as he was kind enough to share locations of the not oft seen Dragonhunter dragonfly and American Rubyspot damselfly.

A few butterflies were photographed.

Another dragonfly and damselfly offered shots.

Even a few flowers appeared.

After Middle Fork Barrens, we migrated to what we call Magellan Pond, the body of water on Ponce de Leon at the entrance of Magellan Golf Course. As we arrived a Great Blue Heron was actively feeding, but quickly departed.

There we shot photos primarily of the Halloween Pennant dragonfly, our target species.

A Fiery Skipper and bee were photographed sharing a spent bloom.

From Magellan Pond, Dan drove us to an area adjacent to Balearic Road, and an Eastern Tiger Swallowtail provided a topside view.

Friday evening, we had dinner at the Desoto Club, under new management (isn’t it always,) with the Morrises and Pam. I thought it was only so so, and grossly overpriced.

Karyn and Aker came Saturday about lunch, and with Kay enjoyed the Mid-America Science Museum in Hot Springs. They left Sunday morning. And, that was pretty much our week. In looking back, this July must have been the hottest on record!

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