Friday to Tuesday, May 20-24, 2022—More Rain and Wet Conditions

All the plants in the area are green, and the forests are lush. We have been beset with rain every few days, enough that the ground has not dried out. Consequently, the fairways are wet and most have been cart path only, and the pickleball courts are wet from precipitation or seepage through cracks in the surface. Kay did get in some practice on Friday, May 20, with Pickleball Sisters. Pickleball Sisters exists to equip families, instructors and facilities with tools to plan, build, and develop successful programs everywhere. Kay had a great time and a good practice.

Despite the wind, Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area offered up some wildflowers, and quite a few butterflies. Indian Pink is still blooming, and a couple of Eastern Prickly Pear Cactus blooms were found. The Pale Purple Coneflowers were just beginning to bloom; while they are lanky and droopy, they are still attractive flowers. And despite its name, Wild Garlic is dainty and beautiful! 

Indian Pink
Prickly Pear Cactus
Pale Purple Cone Flower
Fiery Skipper on Wild Garlic

There were other wildflowers in near perfect bloom.

Last year, the Fiery Skipper was absent in large numbers in the areas I visited, but they were in abundance at the Middle Fork Barrens this day.

In addition, other skippers were present.

An Eastern Tailed-blue, Pearl Crescent, and Hackberry Emperor flitted about, but posed long enough for quick photos. 

Even a Gray Petaltail dragonfly and a Powdered Dancer damselfly presented themselves.

Our plans on Saturday included a visit to watch granddaughter Harper dance in a recital, but the pool darling had been and remained sick, not only missing the recital but also awards day at school; poor thing. Sunday was a quiet day, except for our attending church; weather was unsatisfactory, and heavy rains prevented golf from being played Monday. Kay did take Ridge and Aker to the movie on this, their first day of summer break. I did play golf on Tuesday with our church mens’ group, despite a light rain and mist the whole game. Kay had scheduled pickleball, but remained home to take care of an electrician visit and termite inspection. Conditions proved too wet for pickleball. A cut and color followed in the afternoon.