Friday and Saturday, April 29-30, 2022—Traveling to the Land of our Ancestors

We were packed and ready to go Friday morning when Pam picked us up for the ride to the airport. As we were checking luggage, panic struck as Kay couldn’t find her passport, but soon ended when it showed up in one of her bags. After going through a long airport security line, we ate chicken sandwiches while waiting for boarding time.

The plane arrived on time, the turn around was relatively quick, and we boarded the small plane to DFW, sitting in the cheap seats at the back of the plane. At DFW, there was a 2-1/2 hour layover, affording time to visit the Capital One lounge for food and beverages. The plane was almost on time, and we boarded, bound for Heathrow International in London, UK. Even though it was a big plane, the seats were tight, with almost no foot room. The. 8-1/2 flight was long and tiring, and neither of us slept more than an hour or two. 

Entering England at the airport Saturday morning was remarkably easy, despite the airport being crowded.

We picked up our luggage at the baggage claim and waited some 30 minutes for our driver. Our hotel was right across from Windsor Castle, and convenient to the historic city of Windsor. Fortunately a room was available, and they checked us in early. After stowing luggage in the room, we were departing the hotel when the royal guard came by as they were marching to the “changing of the guard” on the castle grounds. By the time we made it out the door, they had just passed the hotel; better luck next time, except we won’t be there next time! We walked around town, looking at the old pubs, eateries, and souvenir and clothing stores. The sidewalks and streets were lined with people as it was a three day weekend, and seemingly all of England traveled to Windsor, resulting in large crowds of people. We saw the River Thames, “Crooked House”, lawn bowling, and old telephone booths.

And how about this wee lad eating ice cream (photo made with parents’ permission).

As we were walking around town, the retiring royal guards came marching by, on their way to the barracks. A short nap helped relieve the symptoms of jet lag, followed by a dinner of fish and chips.

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