Wednesday through Sunday, March 2-6—Tournament Time at Palm Creek

The Palm Creek Pickleball Club Members’ Tournament began Wednesday morning bright and early.

Kay was scheduled for one of the first games. She and her partner found the competition too tough, but nevertheless medaled—GOLD for Mixed Doubles in their age group. 

Steve Seitz and his female partner played in the 3.5 Palm group in their age bracket. Though they played well, their mixed double team did not medal.

Thursday morning I played as a late entry in the Men’s Partners, 70+ age group, and lost the first two matches, won the first game in the consolation bracket, but lost in the second game by a score of 13-15. For the first time this year, I “couldn’t find” my backhand!. Kay and her partner played in the Women’s Doubles, 70+ age group, but lost both games in the first round. They won the first consolation game, but lost the second to a team in which one of the players consistently made grossly bad line calls (even the referee agreed, but couldn’t or wouldn’t overrule), costing Kay and her partner the otherwise close game. However, Kay did win a SILVER medal in her age group.

Although a few games were played Friday morning, the tournament was postponed because of dangerous wind and dust. 

Saturday was a non-starter as well, with all round robins canceled to afford open play on all courts.

As the tournament wrapped up on Sunday, others from Hot Springs Village played, all medaling. Mary Seitz was awarded a BRONZE medal in her age group in the Women’s Partners, 3.0.

Steve Seitz was awarded a BRONZE medal in the Men’s 3.5 Palm group, perhaps the toughest group playing in the tournament. He and his partner played several outstanding “complete” games with great serves, dinks, and slams. Laurie Furney won bronze in her 4.0 Mixed Doubles group, having to play several hard fought matches. Photos of her below are with her Women’s Doubles, 4.0.

And, of course, Kay won gold in mixed doubles and silver in women’s doubles in her age group. A pizza party was held subsequent to the completion of all games and awarding of medals.

Sunday eventing we attended “Garth LIVE” show by the Garth Brooks Tribute Band from Phoenix. We saw them two years ago, and though they performed well Sunday evening, it was not a good as the previous show. In my opinion, the fiddle player was the star of the show and received a standing ovation.

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