Sunday and Monday, February 20-21, 2022—HSV Friends at Palm Creek

Sunday was a busy day, beginning with church at the invitation of Steve and Mary at the Casa Grande campus of the Sun Valley Church. It was a contemporary service, the music was live, and the sermon was streamed—very high tech. I really like the way the service was handled, and the message was quite appropriate. Back at Palm Creek, we had a late breakfast, and then walked to the golf course for none holes with the Hot Springs Village group. Poor Mary Seitz was stuck with me again this afternoon, and I played terrible. As you might expect, Kay was in the money again! Fortunately, she doesn’t rub it in too very much.

After golf, we were off to Ron and Bev Grahams for happy hour and root beer floats. Our group of Hot Springs Village folks are so fun to be with.

And then it was time for the weekly concert; this evening’s program was “O Canada” featuring music from Canadian artists. It was a very good concert, with great musicians and vocalists.

The wind on Monday prevented most outdoor activities for us; this has been an extraordinary windy winter! Thus, neither Kay nor I played pickleball. We used the day to catch up on internet chores, blog writing, and resting. As winter time in Arizona draws to a close for our friends and us, each family’s departure is reason for a get together. Monday afternoon we had a baked potato bar honoring Ron and Bev Graham. It was supposed to have been outside, but again the wind was a hindrance and we held it in one of the rooms in the administration complex. While I’m not a big fan of potato bars, this one was very, very good, and the company made it even better. I particularly liked the cake and ice cream served to celebrate Jolene’s birthday and the Baggett’s anniversary (they have been married on the plus side of 50 years.

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