Saturday through Wednesday, February 5-9, 2022—Sad News

Saturday was another windy day so no pickleball. In fact we didn’t do anything all day. However, there was a Country Western dance in the evening, and while the band was mediocre, we did enjoy several two-step dances, a few country rock dances, and one waltz. 

A return to the golf course on Sunday, partnering with Mary Seitz, proved to be one of underperformance—poor Mary, stuck with me on this particular Sunday afternoon. I was embarrassed for her, but it just seemed that I could not hit any decent shots; that’s golf, a four-lettered word!

More wind on Monday kept us in the RV most of the day, though Kay did go to the potluck in the early evening.

Tuesday was all about pickleball for both Kay and me. Kay played in her round robin at 10 am, and I played the challenge courts in the morning, and the mixed round robin Tuesday evening. It seems that I’m not getting better, perhaps even getting worse! Even Kay admitted that my play was not up to par. (It’s difficult to see well at night, thus I wear a cap backward and yellow safety sunglasses to increase contrast.)

Tuesday night I received a dreaded phone call informing us that my sister, Carma, had just passed away. She was the matriarch of her family, and will leave a huge void in their lives.

Wind prevented pickleball play on Wednesday. I spent the morning making reservations to fly back to Arkansas, not knowing exactly when funeral services would be. It proved difficult, if not near impossible to find a ride from the airport to our house in Hot Springs Village for Thursday afternoon, and from Hot Springs Village back to the airport Tuesday morning; and, we put our cars on insurance vacation. Thus renting a car seemed to be the only reliable option—car rental for the cheapest available car exceeded the cost of the expensive round trip air ticket! Kay played golf with the 99ers in the morning, but was not real proud of her play. We canceled our bridge game/lesson with the Seitz’s Wednesday evening as my ability to concentrate was even lower than usual.

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