Friday through Monday, December 17-20—More Birds

Friday was a pretty quiet day here at Palm Creek in Casa Grande, Arizona. Without Kay, I’m not into the swing of things just yet, and I sure miss her being here. Mixed doubles round robin pickleball games were played on Saturday—I really like the game, and strive to get better, though fun is the second main objective of playing; the first is not to get hurt or injured!

Gilbert Water Ranch, aka the Riparian Preserve, in Gilbert, Arizona, was the order of the day on Sunday. We arrived there about 9 AM, and birds were eagerly feeding on seeds and berries.

We made our way to Pond #5, set up stools, and began photographing shore birds immediately. Today’s goal was to practice “birds in flight”, and it proved to be quite challenging. It was humorous watching the Pelicans fish, and then swallow them in a big gulp. 

Even a Cormorant got into the action.

The Pelicans shared the pond with Herons, Egrets, and other shore and wading birds.

Hummingbirds were active as well, though it was difficult to capture them in flight.

Monday was the last day of pickleball until after Christmas. The games were fast, but fun, testing my endurance and stamina. Hopefully, I can play myself into better shape. Much of the day was spent storing “stuff” during my upcoming absence. Photographic equipment was cleaned and stored, computer files were backed up, and the motorhome tidied up a bit.

Dan and I have had a great 25 days of photography related activities, having shot and processed thousands of photographs, but it’s time for the both of us to return to Hot Springs Village until after Christmas. And, I’m looking forward to seeing my honey.

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