Saturday and Sunday, December 4-5, 2021—Fort Huachuca, AZ

Today’s (Saturday) drive took us to Fort Huachuca, AZ, near Sierra Vista.

Fort Huachuca was founded to counter the Chiricahua Apache threat and secure the border with Mexico during the Apache Wars. General Nelson A. Miles commanded Fort Huachuca as his headquarters in his campaign against Geronimo in 1886. After the surrender of Geronimo in 1886, the Apache threat was extinguished, but the army continued to operate Fort Huachuca due to its strategic border position. In 1913, the fort became the base for the “Buffalo Soldiers”, the 10th Calvary Regiment  composed of African Americans. It served this purpose for twenty years.

Fort Huachuca’s RV Park, Apache Flats, has full hookups, is clean, and not terribly expensive. The motorhome was set up, and Dan took the car for a wash and did his laundry while I cleaned the RV. The rest of the day was uneventful.

Arriving at Ash Canyon Bird Sanctuary near Hereford, AZ, about mid-morning on Sunday, we were greeted by a very nice volunteer. Since no one had reserved the photo blind, he offered it to us. We immediately set up and began seeing Yellow-rumped Warblers in droves.

Mexican Jays, Pyrrhuloxia, Sparrows, Lesser Goldfinches, and House Finches also”posed” for photographs.

And, one of my many favorites, the Bridled Titmouse, made an appearance.

After photographing in the blind, a move was made to the main feeding station in the “front” yard. There, Lesser Goldfinches, Anna’s Hummingbirds, and even a Gulf Fritillary butterfly were observed.

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