Sunday through Thursday, November 14-25—Family Time

The days Sunday through Friday were spent on the golf course, pickleball courts, monthly book club meeting, and doctor’s office. With only a few days left before winter golf conditions, we’re both trying to play as much as possible. And, we are both so far behind in our pickleball endeavors, that we’ll both have to start afresh. The doctor’s appointment was a wellness visit, and it seems like everything is okay, except for my getting older!

On Saturday, we welcomed Jenny, Harper, Linc, and Sutton for a long awaited visit. Though we see them somewhat regularly, it’s most often in Memphis; this is the family’s first trip to visit us since March 2020 when the world essentially stopped because of COVID. Coincidentally, it was only Linc’s second trip and Sutton’s first. We had a great time, and all the kids really enjoy spending time outdoors. Harper continues to grow like a weed, and is over 5 feet tall; she’s only nine. Linc is in the 90+ percentile in size, looking like a miniature fullback—and strong as one, as well. Sutton is the quiet and contemplative one, definitely a momma’s girl, though she did let KK and DD hug on her a bit. We ate the usual “banana pannas” (banana pancakes) for breakfast, and the two younger ones drank lots of milk.

Prior to their arrival, Kay had erected several Christmas trees with lights, and the kids managed well, except for Linc wanting to turn the lights on and off! Kay and Harper spent some girls time together on Sunday shopping, and Harper and I hiked the Beaver Dam trail in the Village on Monday with Harper taking a number of photos with a “big” camera; she is going to be an extraordinary photographer is she can spend more time with DD. Here are a few of her photos.

It was so good to spend more than just a few hours with them, but we reluctantly said goodbye Tuesday morning as they drove back home. We’ll get to see them again during the Christmas holidays.

Tuesday afternoon Dan and I grocery shopped for our early departure to Arizona (we’ll spend a couple of weeks making pictures in southeast Arizona), and Wednesday, Kay and I continued packing for my early departure and our winter stay in Arizona. 

Thanksgiving Thursday was celebrated with Kay’s family, and all of her grandkids were there (minus bonus granddaughter Jordan). We feasted on all the usual Thanksgiving delights. Cheryl’s family also attended. Early afternoon found us returning home to finish packing the RV for the long journey to Arizona.

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