Saturday, September 18, 2021—NW USA, Part 2

We had a blast visiting and touring with Debra and Ralph.

Our Washington and Oregon road trip with Debra and Ralph

While one never knows how compatible new friends will be, but we really hit it off with Debra and Ralph. We like many of the same things, including travel, hiking, gardening, and bridge, in which they both are Life Masters (and no, we’re not competitive, particularly at that level). We had such a great time at their place; in fact their back yard/garden is incredible, and among the best we’ve ever seen. We look forward to many more visits, including reciprocating when they visit Arkansas. Of course, it will be tough to beat this past week!

Today, we began the second part of our 2021 Northwest USA trip, an inland passage cruise to Alaska. (We last did a similar cruise in September 2004 to celebrate my retirement, both our birthdays, and our anniversary.)

September 2021 Inward Passage cruise

Warmed sourdough cinnamon roles and hot coffee got us up and going, and we left relatively early for the airport (SEATAC) to meet our shuttle to the ship. However, instead of going to the ship, were were taken to the Marriott Hotel near the ship for validation of our COVID vaccinations, and for COVID testing.

Norwegian was very efficient, and though we stood in several lines, the waiting time was never excessively long.

After being “bonafide” as COVID free, we checked-in, boarded the Norwegian Encore, ate lunch and unpacked. Many thanks to our travel agency, Dana, and Norwegian Cruise Lines for the wine, champaign, and chocolate covered strawberries.

Kay knows how to enjoy life aboard a cruise ship

After unpacking we settled in for a quiet evening familiarizing ourselves with the Encore, eating again, photo editing, and journal writing.

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