Monday, September 13, 2021—Northwest Coast of Oregon

After overnighting at Seaside, Oregon, we walked the promenade, enjoying the cool ocean breezes and lightly crashing waves on the dark sandy beaches. A thought provoking sand sculpture on the beach greeted us as we stepped onto the promenade, with my thoughts immediately going to VietNam, though the sculpture could represent any modern war.

A single, colorful tent sat some distance away, in stark contrast. Before returning to the room, we enjoyed a latte and bacon and cheese biscuit.

From the hotel in Seaside, Oregon, our drive took us to Fort Clatsop, the site on the Netul River (since renamed Lewis and Clark River) where the 33-member Lewis and Clark Expedition wintered from December 7, 1805, until March 23, 1806. Lewis and Clark National Historical Park includes a Visitor Center and gift shop, trails, and an interpretive replica of the fort used by the Corps of Discovery for their living and working quarters.

A long-awaited view of the near vertical shoreline with sea stacks greeted us on our stop at Ecola State Park. Sea stacks are huge rock monoliths jutting from the ocean, A short walk to one of two observation points offered cliff side viewpoints of secluded coves, forested promontories, and even a long abandoned lighthouse. Continuing the loop brought us to an almost breathtaking view of Haystack Rock. The low morning sun glowing off the Pacific Ocean cast a hazy glow on the shoreline, resulting in a subtle, but eerie feeling of tranquility. It was a view that one could enjoy all day.

A drive further down the coast brought us to the small town of Cannon Beach. Parking near the ocean, we made the short walk down to and along the beach, inching closer to Haystack Rock with each step. The outstanding view from this beach location was another place where one could tirelessly while away the day. This was perhaps one of the most beautiful scenes I experienced.

An almost three hour drive east and south brought us to Silverton, Oregon, where we overnighted at the Oregon Garden Resort.

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