Friday through Tuesday, August 27-31—Another Month, Another Year

Another month has rapidly escaped our lives, and with it, hopefully, the hot and humid weather. And, this Friday, August 27, I celebrated yet another birthday; I’m now 72. Kay played golf and we celebrated with ‘take-out” catfish dinners from Mulligan’s, half a carrot cupcake each, and vanilla ice cream. Both Saturday and Sunday were quiet, with few activities. We needed the downtime. Golf was on the itinerary for Monday (terrible score) while Kay attended to club board duties. The windows and soffits were cleaned after a long absence; it’s been difficult to schedule. A few butterflies did make their way onto blooms in the garden. They have been far and few this year—disappointing and concerning. Tuesday was all about running errands. We lead an exciting life when we’re at home.

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