Sunday and Monday, August 22-23—More Family

After a bit of a late start this Sunday morning, we traveled through Virginia to middle Tennessee to visit our sister-in-law, Betty, my late brother’s wife. It had been some time since we last saw her, and it was so great getting to catch up on our respective lives, our childrens’ lives, and reminisce about the past. We all so miss Ronnie, who died way too early.

Monday morning we continued driving west to the greater Memphis area to visit daughter Jenny and kids. Regrettably, Harper was in school and Sutton was napping; Linc got our undivided attention. He is all boy, and decided that his “DD” was a pretty good fellow. It was the first time we really got to enjoy him and his antics. Jenny was doing great, and looking great (don’t know how she does it as a single mom with three under the age of 10, and two of those under the age of 3.

From west Tennessee, we crossed the now repaired I-40 “Big M” bridge, and arrived home about 4 o’clock PM. Now, after a couple day’s rest and a little golf, we have to prepare for our next adventure! More to come in the next update.

Getting close to home

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