Friday, August 6, 2021—Pine Creek Rail Trail and a Protest

After a lazy early Friday morning catching up on news, etc., we drove to Darling Run access for the Pine Creek Rail Trail near Antonia, Pennsylvania. This is also the official start of Pine Creek Gorge, known locally as Pennsylvania’s Grand Canyon. Pine Creek Gorge is a 47-mile gorge carved into the Allegheny Plateau by Pine Creek in north-central Pennsylvania. It sits in about 160,000 acres of the Tioga State Forest. The canyon begins south of Ansonia, near Wellsboro, along U.S. Route 6 and continues south. Its deepest point is 1,450 feet at Waterville, near the southern end, and the distance rim-to-rim is about 4,000 feet. 

The trailhead parking area was almost at capacity.

Just before entering onto the trail, a mule-drawn wagon full of sightseers passed. The early part of the trail was heavily used, but posed no problems. 

Mule-drawn sight-seeing wagon

State forests lined much of the trail, with steep slopes on the left and Pine Creek on the right (cycling downstream).

Left side is for cyclists and hikers, right is for horses
Peace and tranquillity

While casually admiring the awesome scenery, a slight roar of a waterfall could be heard and the tiered waterfall of Fourmile Run, came into view. There, a supervised group of Amish or Mennonite teens were frolicking in the falls.

Lower portion of Four Mile Run

There were many waterfalls further down the trail, but all were either dry or just a trickle. An abundance of wildflowers bloomed alongside the smooth packed, finely crushed limestone trail.

Wildflowers line the trail

There were also a couple of “friends” along the trail. Here’s Slim, a timber rattle snake.

Looks like Slim has just had lunch

I was a bit reluctant to see trail’s end, but it was an awesome ride, over way too quickly. I’m not sure why this is not a Hall of Fame trail ad it was one of the “best” I’ve ridden. Today’s ride was about 18 miles.

Trail’s end, Pine Creek Trail

Meanwhile, Kay was up to no good in Wellsboro! Here’s her take on the turn of events.

We are in Wellsboro, PA for two days/nights.  Today after I dropped Donald off at the bicycle trail head, I came back to town to explore Main Street shops and take some pictures.  Much to my surprise, there was a crowd gathered on Main Street right in front of the county courthouse.  There appeared to be more Republicans than Democrats and they were protesting because they want an audit of Tioga, York, and Philadelphia counties because they believe the count was inaccurate – Tucker Carlson’s name was shouted as an ‘expert’.  I didn’t hear or see any support explicitly for ex-President Trump.  Most appeared to feel Democracy is threatened when the vote is considered flawed.  Their request for an audit has been denied and that is what had them ‘hopping’ mad.  No explanation was given for the refusal, according to a bystander.  There was some chanting by both sides, but for the most part their demonstration was peaceful.  The following article may explain what all the furor is about.  A State Representative Doug Mastriano is behind the audit and is fighting for support. He has been a staunch supporter of the former President.  The “Lies” are behind these efforts to destabilize the voting systems and possibly change elections. There would be substantial costs to replace voting systems because they would be decertified if turned over to a third party audit.

Election protest

After the protest, she ventured around town to make a few photos.

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