Monday through Sunday, July 12-18 —All Quiet on the Homefront

The second pulled hamstring has really put a damper on activities, though Kay continues to stay busy with social obligations, golf, and pickleball.

We reserve Monday evenings for trip planning, and there are a couple in the works for August and September, mainly to escape the oppressive heat and humidity in Arkansas—more to come in the weeks ahead. Tuesday 13 was an errand day for Kay, and I remained around the house, making a few photos in the back. Still hobbling around like Chester on Gunsmoke, I attended a HSV Camera Club workshop, Low Light and Long Exposure, which was quite good. We still do not socialize much, and are cautious when we do, as a result in the exponential uptick of the Delta variation of COVID in Arkansas; don’t you just love Arkansas!

Wednesday 14 was Kay’s sports day with golf in the morning and pickleball. For someone who has never participated in sports, she is adapting very well and becoming credible in both golf and pickleball. As with yesterday, I made a few photos in the back yard, still hoping for the arrival of a few butterflies.

Thursday 15 was a really quiet day for us. Kay dropped off some stuff for her PEO group yard sale, and once again, I searched for the missing butterflies. We are blessed to have an abundance of dragonflies, though they are the same species day in day out.

The Spa City Classic pickleball tournament was held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in the Hot Springs Convention Center. Events included Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men’s and Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles with Adult and Senior Divisions for each as well as featuring  JUNIOR DIVISIONS. With over 400 participants on 36 courts, it was pickleball madness. I worked the tournament on Friday and Saturday, and Kay worked Saturday. Most of the participants were under age 50, and a large number were aged below 40—it’s not just an old people’s game! 

We stayed home on Sunday, 18 and after church, relaxed. About 4 PM I ventured out with the camera and was rewarded with four species of butterflies and a number of dragonflies. Despite the sports injury, it was a good week.

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