Thursday and Friday, June 3-4—More Rain, Again

Thursday was all about pickleball as we both were able to play, though the threat of rain hovered constantly over the courts.

Also on Thursday, granddaughter Harper had a dance recital in Memphis. Harper is REALLY good. That darned I-40 Hernando Desoto bridge between Memphis and West Memphis has sure hampered our being able to see Jenny and family in Memphis, and prevented us from attending important events such as the recital.

Kay was able to get in a golf game on Friday, shooting a pretty good score at Cortez Golf Course. Anxiously awaiting the appearance of the rare and sometimes elusive female Dianna Fritillary, I was rewarded on Friday with many opportunities to make pictures, even all the Dianna Fritillaries were male. It seems as if the butterflies, dragonflies, and damselflies have suddenly emerged!

Male Diana Fritillary

American Snout

Many other butterflies

Even a dragonfly and damselfly appeared.

Even an occasional wildflowers can be found without a nectaring insect. And Arkansas has blooming cacti.

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