Tuesday and Wednesday, April 27-28, 2021—A Busy Lifestyle

Tuesday was filled with commitments—golf, medical appointments, pickleball, and summer trip planning—so, it seems like we’re back to normal with a busy lifestyle; it was great having Kay back home again.

An even busier day ensued on Wednesday—dentist for Kay, pickleball with the Hot Springs Village Paddle Wheelers, and a Pilot maintenance visit to the Honda dealership. I did make time to visit the Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area where a number of flowers were blooming and a few butterflies flitting about. A small area of blooming Bee Balm was found—a bit early in the year—a sign that the appearance of the majestic Diana Fritillary butterfly was not many weeks away.

Hairy Phacelia
Blue Star
Western Daisy
Shooting Star

A few fungi were found growing in the damp, shadowy areas.

And, of course, butterflies.

Eastern Tailed-Blue
Carolina Satyr
Little Wood-Satyr

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