Tuesday, April 13—Switching Roles

After yesterday’s grueling day, Kay and I switched roles Tuesday; she was grossly overbooked and I had it pretty easy. Her day began with contacting a jeweler in Tulsa to find a duplicate of the diamond stud earring she lost a few months ago. They were very helpful in her discussion with them, and asked that she send them the remaining stud so it could be exactly duplicated. Next, she had her annual mammogram—a not too pleasant experience us guys don’t fully understand. And then, she participated in a long difficult Duffer’s board meeting. The Duffer’s is a huge women’s 9-hole golf group here in Hot Springs Village. That pretty much wiped her out for the rest of the day, though she never complains.

Dan Olson and I tripped to Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area for a short walk and some photo ops. It always provides a sense of serenity to an otherwise chaotic world. Here are a few photographs from the walk.  

Even a few butterflies made an appearance.

Gemmed Satyr
Red-banded Hairstreak
Common Checkered-skipper

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