Sunday through Tuesday, March 21-23—Rediscovering Hot Springs Village

Photography, pickleball, and haircuts were the order of the early part of the week. Kay was so glad to get a “cut and color”, and of course it looked nice, but then Kay always looks nice. I, on the other hand, was not able to schedule an appointment until mid-April!

Sunday provided an opportunity to visit Middle Fork Barrens Natural Area with good friend, Dan Olson. A few wildflowers had bloomed near the old woods road.

And, as the morning warmed, a few butterflies made their presence known, though they were flitting about with reckless abandon. In that regard, only this Spring Azure sat still long enough for a photograph.

Spring Azure Butterfly

Sue and Pam had been kind enough to ask for a photo show of our winter in Arizona. I tried to put them off as I know how boring and disinterested it is looking at someone’s vacation photos. Nevertheless, they persisted, so I put together a show, complete with music and effects. Monday evening was show night, and we all intently watched the pseudo “movie”.

I played partners pickleball with Bev Graham on Tuesday, joining two other ladies for a foursome, rotating partners after each game. It was extremely fast and competitive; Bev is a slammer and had a good soft game as well, and the other ladies were rated as 4.0, a step above Bev and me. The last game went to 18-16. After two hours, my butt was dragging. Kay joined several others to play as well, before driving to her appointment for a “cut and color”, something very important to her!

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