Wednesday through Thursday, December 16-31—It’s Over

I spent pre-Christmas alone—social distancing and avoiding people and crowds—awaiting Kay’s arrival on December 28, 2020. Except for not being with Kay, I had a great time, and really enjoyed the absence of a lot of activities. Folks living on “our” street at the resort had a potluck Christmas Day,. The food was good, and it was great meeting neighbors, though the social distancing was quite lax. Until Kay arrived, life pretty much centered around cooking a meal or two each day, and playing pickleball for a few hours—that game is addictive.

“Fried” cabbage and smoked sausage
Beginning of a low cal “Denver” skillet breakfast

Kay arrived in the early evening on December 28, and we were “home” by 8 PM. Gifts were exchanged, and Christmas 2020 was behind us.

Selkirk Amped S-2 pickleball paddle, a gift from Santa

Thanks to Verizon, we were able to interact with family and friends via social networking; DISH internet was down for several days beginning Christmas Even. Kay and I were profoundly blessed during the “lost” year, 2020, and managed much better than most. Our major sacrifices were the lack of spending time with kids and grandkids, and a couple of international trips. We were glad to usher 2020 out, and went to bed early so it would go away quicker. The events of 2020 are not so subtle reminders that everyday life is not to be taken for granted.

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