Friday, October 23—Dodging a Bullet

I dodged a bullet. While spending part of the summer in Maggie Valley, NC, I became fatigued about noon every day; not to worry, I’m getting older. This condition continued through September and early October. On Saturday, October 10, I began to have some tightness in the upper chest/lower throat area, similar to that experienced in mid-July 1914 before I had a mild heart attack and to that in early November when diagnosed with reflux. Consequently, I thought reflux issues had resurfaced—except that neither over-the-counter nor prescription medicine relieved the symptoms. Finally, on Monday, I called the cardiologist’s office and got an appointment for mid-morning; he prescribed a chemical stress test. So, on Wednesday morning, I undertook the chemical stress test. At the follow-up appointment, Dr. Jeffrey Tauth, the cardiologist, said I flunked the stress test, and scheduled an angiogram for today. During the angiogram, he inserted two stents, one of which was to replace a stent inserted in July 2014. Now, I have 3 stents in the “widow maker.” It’s time to do some serious dieting, begin a regimented exercise program, and modify my lifestyle.

Checking in at the Cardiology and Vascular Unit
Waiting for the angiogram
Post surgery
Ready to be released

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