Tuesday and Wednesday, October 20-21—An Unwelcome Diagnosis

Tuesday was a quiet day as I hung around the house doing a bunch of nothing. Kay had an early morning dental appointment where she was “fitted” for a couple of tooth implants; it’s been a year now since the implant process began. Afterwards, she attended a HSV Lady Duffers board meeting. The HSV Lady Duffers is a ladies’ nine hole golf league. They play golf each Wednesday morning from April through October, normally at Coronado Golf Course. Their focus is on friendship and camaraderie, along with enjoying the game of golf.

Wednesday was supposed to have been a busy day, particularly for Kay. She began with an early golf match as part of the HSV Lady Duffers while I had a follow-up visit with the cardiologist after a chemical stress test last week. Dr. Tauth came into the exam room, sat down, and said I didn’t do well on the stress test! He scheduled an angiogram for Friday. I went to CHI St. Vincent in Hot Springs for pre-surgery bloodwork and paperwork, and didn’t return home until after noon.

Sitting in cardiologist’s exam room

That sort of took the wind out of our sails for the rest of the day. To gain some peace and to try to relax, I drove to Cedar Creek Trail in the Village for hiking and making photos, leaving Kay to take a much needed nap. Trail conditions were DRY, as we have not had rain in several weeks. However, the trail did offer up a few opportunities for fall photos. What a BUMMER day.

The following photos have been put into a gallery; just click on a photo for a larger look.

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