Monday, October 12—Cardiology Visit

Upper chest and lower throat tightening continued Sunday night and into the early morning Monday. I called the cardiology office, and they were able to see me at 10:30AM. Upon arrival, they checked blood pressure and did and EKG. Dr. Tauth reviewed it, listened to my heart, and advised that he could not detect a problem at that time, but ordered a chemical stress test for Wednesday, October 14. He wrote a prescription for time release nitroglycerin. As a result of the morning visit, I canceled the golf game in the afternoon. 

Our toad (vehicle we tow behind the motorhome) had been serving as the repository for items to be taken back to the RV such as lawn chairs, tables, bed linens, auxiliary brake, etc. It had become so full that time had come to drive the items to the storage garage. I added a garden rake, and Kay and I took the items to the RV storage facility. I backed the motorhome out of the garage, and while Kay unloaded the car, I worked smoothing the 6-inch ruts in the soft gravel serving as the garage floor. My heart must be okay since there were no issues while raking.

Smoothing ruts in RV garage


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