September 19—Returning to Norfork, Arkansas

Five years ago we were in Hot Springs Village looking for a new place to live, having received and accepted an offer on our house in Norfork, Arkansas. The Norfork house was my/our dream house in the woods, Dunnhill.  I spent almost two years designing it before deploying to Iraq in 2003.  And then, upon return, a fabulous builder constructed it over a 10-month period.  We moved in on May 13, 2004, on a rainy day.  With almost 5,000 square feet under roof, ceilings as high as 19 1/2 feet, and located in the woods, we loved living in it. But, life happens… Please allow me to get a bit melancoly as I look at the following photos.

So, today, September 19, we returned to Norfork for only the second time since leaving. The RV site awaiting us a US Army Corps of Engineers Quarry Park campground was soon filled with the motorhome and toad. With only 30 amps of electricity available, the front air conditioner was turned on despite the cool weather. One of my dearest friends and former neighbor, Wayne Bodenhamer, was notified and he immediately drove the few miles to visit. We had last seen him and Loretta in December 2018 in Mission, Texas, where we both wintered. Though we talk on the phone often, it was so good to see him. We talked solar energy and configurations, and he did testing on various solar components I recently purchased. With his advice and counsel, I plan to build a 200-watt solar suitcase system. Before he departed, Kay loaded him down with chicken tetrazzini, and several desserts.

Quarry Park (US Army Corps of Engineers), 30A site

With smoldering campfires all around us, the motorhome was kept closed. We ate leftover chicken tetrazzini and a green salad for dinner, and streamed British TV show before turning in for the evening.

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