Wednesday and Thursday, September 9-10—A Smorgasbord

Kay and I have been monitoring Monarch Butterly caterpillars in one of the back “yard” beds. Wednesday’s (September 9) Monarch Caterpillar count was 23. And then Thursday morning (September 10), we counted at least 33,, our highest total yet. One was even on a small solitary plant about 4 inches tall that grew voluntarily. They have really eaten the Butterfly Weed leaves, with some plants totally bare. As yet, we have not seen any chrysalis.

After the caterpillar count, Kay was joined by Pam and Sue for a trip to Little Rock to meet with a financial advisor. He was taken aback that three ladies were going to participate in the discussion, but they prevailed, nevertheless. Meanwhile, I went to the motorhome storage, turned on the generator and then the air conditioner, and extended the passenger rear slide. Forgetting a fresh-brewed cup of coffee left the house, I made a cup in the motorhome. I then proceeded to strip bed clothing off the bed and move the mattress to what little space was available, The bed platform was then torn apart;’ it has been sagging for years, and the storage boxes we use to keep it flat are taking up unnecessary space. Of course, there were lots of screws. For hinges, lifts, etc. When some of the platform grid was exposed, it revealed a number of staples having missed their mark during assembly; pretty shoddy workmanship, and I really expected better from Winnebago. I loaded the platform into the SUV, drove home, and unloaded it in the messy garage. By then it was too hot to work on it—maybe another day! Hopefully, the photos will help in remembering how it goes back together.

Heat and humidity has returned—or never left—Hot Springs Village. It’s very uncomfortable to participate in outdoor activities, particularly ones that involve a lot of exertion. As fate would have it, I played pickleball Wednesday night and golf Thursday afternoon, coming home soaking wet both times. In fact it seemed to me that Wednesday afternoon golf was played in the most uncomfortable weather this year, resulting in a heat headache and soggy golf paraphernalia (gloves, etc.).

NOTE: While finishing this on Friday morning, I was one day behind on dates. This COVID-19 pandemic has totally screwed up my world.

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