Sunday, September 6—A Full Day

After catching up on news and social media Sunday morning, we monitored the Monarch caterpillars in the back “yard” (yard is in parentheses because the back has no grass, just gravel and a few beds planted with pollinators, crepe myrtles, azaleas, trees, etc.). The caterpillar count was 8, two more than yesterday. 

Kay went to church this morning (Sunday), first time since early March, meeting friends Pam and Sue, and all celebrated communion. I played hooky—concerned that it is still not 100% safe—germaphobe that I am! I’m sure they asked for forgiveness knowing that gambling was on their agenda later in the day. Following church the ladies had lunch at Oaklawn Casino, followed by a couple of hours at the slots. It was a good day for Kay and Pam, bringing home more than they took.

I drove to Middle Fork Barrens, but only walked a few minutes before driving to Magellan Beaver Dam Trail in Hot Springs Village. It proved to be a good decision as there were a few butterflies and dragonflies willing to pose for photos. Also, one snake slithered along the open water.

Jenny and her babies were available for FaceTiming, and it was good getting to see them all. Harper is such a grownup to be only 8 years old. She helps her mother with Linc, and talks way too grown up. Linc is a “pretty” boy, and pretty demanding. Jenny says Sutton, not quite a week old, is a good baby, sleeping almost all day (of course, not sleeping all night). The last photo collage shows how much Sutton and Linc—when he was a newborn— look alike. We are blessed to have such a wonderful blended family, and we love them all profoundly.

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