Sunday through Thursday, August 30-September 3—A New Granddaughter and Rainy Days

Karyn, Ridge, and Aker went home just before noon on Sunday, and the house was once again absence the joyful sounds of grandkids. Kay and I ate a late breakfast, and lounged the rest of the day. We played bridge with Jim and Jackie in the evening, our first bridge game with them since early March! Jackie won, of course.

Monday was a very special day as Sutton, our third granddaughter was born. Jenny now has her hands full with an 8 year old, a 1+ year old, and a newborn, and she’ll be 40 this year.

Sutton, b. August 31, 2020
Sutton, b. August 31, 2020

That makes a total of 7 grandkids: Kaden, Jordan, Ridge, Harper, Aker, Linc, and Sutton. Never would I have imagined having 7 grandkids! 

Ridge and Aker began their 2nd week of school in 3rd grade and kindergarten, respectively. Harper also had her first day of 3rd grade, albeit virtually. It’s a different world in which we live!

Harper’s first day of 3rd grade, virtually

Tuesday, September 2, was also a special day. Kay and I celebrated 20 years of marriage, and the vast majority of them have been great, though there were a couple of years when my untreated depression could have been a problem had it not been for her love, care, and patience. We have traveled the world and a good portion of the US, suffered through two of our children divorcing, all of our children (three) getting married, and the birth of five grandkids. We celebrated at Luna Bella restaurant in Hot Springs with Jim, Jackie, and Pam.

Once again, we were besought with rain the last few days, lots of it. And combined with the heat, the humidity was almost unbearable, at least for me. Any outside activities resulted in soaking wet clothes. Photo making was out of the question, particularly butterflies, wildflowers, and dragonflies. Finally on Thursday, a semi-dry day was forecast, and I played golf with my Thursday group, shooting a good game at Balboa Golf Course in the Village. We are so ready for cooler temps and lower humidity.

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