Friday, August 28—Sunshine and Butterflies

Tropical Storm Laura passed through quickly, followed by sunshine and high humidity today. After several inches of rain yesterday, none of the potted plants needed watering, but nevertheless, a walk around the yard to check on butterflies was a good way to begin the day.

Neither of us had anything scheduled, and it was too wet to play pickleball or golf, so we just hung out. Kay continued reading Too Much and Never Enough: How My Family Created the World’s Most Dangerous Man, a tell-all book written by Mary L. Trump, a niece of Donald Trump. I worked on long overdue blog posts and photo edits in Lightroom. Our lives seem so dull compared to others we read about in their blog and watch on vlogs!!

We each enjoyed a catfish dinner from Mulligan’s, here in Hot Springs Village; it’s the best fried catfish in the area!

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