Friday, August 14—Blowing Rock

After coffee and a smorgasbord of breakfast foods, we set forth to Blowing Rock. Blowing Rock sits at 4,000 feet, dangling over Johns River Gorge located at 3,000 feet. Typically, a peculiar current of air flows upward from the rock caused by rocky walls of the gorge creating a flume which forcefully sweeps northwest wind. If one were to stand on the rock and throw a light object (say a handkerchief), the object would not fall but simply float or return to you.

Blowing Rock

There were a number of short nature trails among the boulders at this private tourist attraction. While we masked up anytime anyone was within about 10 feet, most of the crowd there did not wear masks.

Wanting a more substantial hike, we drove to Annie Cannon Park in the heart of Blowing Rock. Here, the Glen Burney Trail offers three majestic waterfalls along the trail adjacent to New Year’s Creek. Just as we began the hike, it started raining to the extent that we opted to turn back. It proceeded to rain all day, driving us to play bridge back at the cabin. Laughing and thinking at the same time proved to be a challenge, as we had a blast. It’s so much fun to enjoy time and laugh with family!

Kay was the primary dinner preparer, and the fish tacos and all the fixin’s were fabulous.

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