Wednesday, August 12—Waiting…

Traveling mandates a degree of flexibility, particularly if one is in an RV. I am spending ALL of today at the Honda dealership in Asheville, NC, for right front wheel bearings, new brake pads and adjustments, tire alignment necessitated by new front wheel bearings, draining, flushing, and adding new fluids to the rear end (not mine, fortunately, but it probably needs it, too), other new fluids, etc. to the tune of about 3 car payments. This was unplanned and unexpected, but the car has almost 160,000 miles. Meanwhile, Kay washed clothes, packed for an upcoming road trip, and tidied up the motorhome. We would rather be hiking. However, we are truly blessed that we can afford the time and cost for the repairs, especially now with such high unemployment among the population.

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