Monday, August 9—Bad Timing, Good Food

The older and “more retired” I get, the longer it takes to get started, particularly when I forget little tasks I plan to do! Consequently, it was just before lunch when we began driving towards Chimney Rock State Park, south and east of Asheville, NC. Our first stop was Camping World—it was the cleanest and most fully stocked Camping World we’ve seen. After purchasing an aluminum step and awning tie downs, we continued towards the state park. Regrettably to add to our delays, the Garmin GPS routed us to a dead end. The silver lining in this dark cloud was the numerous apple orchards along the hilly and curvy rural roads.

One of many apple orchards along the way
Orchard after orchard were seen along the road

Some 45 minutes later, after rerouting using Apple Maps (I highly recommend this app), we arrived at Chimney Rock State Park, paid our $17 each, drove to the parking lot, and write for the buss to the trailhead. The bus was packed, and most riders did not have masks. With this and the already late hour, we turned away and returned to the motorhome. It is frustrating that “Practice social distancing” signs are posted all over, but this state park does not fully practice it. And, we are seeing so few people wearing masks.

Chimney Rock in North Carolina, a granite monolith

Having watched a VLOG entry on Getaway Couple ( where they had “pizza night”, the thought of having our own pizza night was quite appealing. However, we had to find an alternative to the calorie-rich entree. Using low carb tortillas, turkey sausage crumbles, green pepper, jalapeño pepper, onion, mushrooms, pizza sauce, and mozzarella and Parmesan cheeses, we gave it a try. With no pizza stone (we’ll remedy this next time we travel), we used an inverted cookie sheet, and cooled the pizzas 10 minutes on a HOT grill. OMG (oh my goodness), they were fantastic; this will become a regular on our trips.

Pizza ready to cook over an inverted cookie pan
Pizza after cooking on/in the grill

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