Tuesday through Friday, July 28-31—Down, but Not Out

This summer cold or allergy attack (or, God forbid, COVID 19) has interrupted a great summer getaway. A low grade fever, itchy eyes, and occasional sneezing is keeping me in to avoid infecting others, if this is, in fact, contagious; however, I do not feel bad, just not great! Consequently, Monday through Thursday were spent largely inside the motorhome. And, it has rained everyday we’ve been here; in fact, it has rained on our parade everyday since leaving on July 22—so glad 97% of scientists are wrong, and we DON’T have global warming and/or climate change!

Encouraged by Kay, we drove part of the Blue Ridge Parkway beginning at its southern terminus in Cherokee, MP 469, east and slightly north to approximate MP 412 at US Hwy 276. Notable was transiting the highest point on the Parkway at elevation 6053 feet, and all the wildflowers adjacent to the roadway and pullover viewing areas.

Highest elevation of the Parkway, approximate MP 433

We stopped at one small viewing area to photograph wildflowers along the opposite side of the road only for Kay to find lots of wildflowers and butterflies at the viewing area. We spent about 30 minutes making photos. Among the butterflies were Silver-spotted Skipper, Pipevine Swallowtail, Variegated Fritillary, and Eastern-tailed Blue.

We turned off the Parkway to hike to a waterfall, but the parking area was packed. In fact all the trailhead parking areas along the Parkway were overflowing with hikers, so we chose to social distance!

After arriving back at the motorhome, it began raining, and rained hard for several hours, accompanied by high winds, after which it slackened as we went to bed about 11 PM. The silver lining in the cloud was the sound of raindrops hitting the rooftop made sleep come easily. Did I say it has rained everyday since we left?

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