Tuesday through Friday, March 19-April 10, 2020—Sheltering in Place

These are strange times indeed. With the Coved19 Pandemic surging throughout the world and particularly in the US, Kay and I are sheltering in place, only leaving the house to walk, pick-up groceries and take-out food, and take photos—all in an isolated environment with few, if any, people around. Contact with kids, grandkids, other family, and friends is via telephone and FaceTime. Kay has used the “alone” time to read and clean-up data on the iPad, while I have worked on thousands of images, made backup copies of files, and made photos of wildflowers, butterflies, and dragonflies. Ongoing house/property maintenance is ongoing. We watch television each evening for about 2 hours, mostly PBS, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hoopla, and Britbox. Otherwise, it has been very, very quiet at our house. When this will end, no one seems to know, but better safe than sorry.

Two galleries of my photos have been made available for public viewing.

Wildflowers may be seen at: https://adobe.ly/2w4deps

Butterfly photos made during this time may be seen at: https://adobe.ly/2RuL1jb

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