Wednesday through Friday, March 4-6, 2020—Returning Home

The return trip to Hot Springs Village was a quick one. Departing Apache Flats RV Park Wednesday morning, the day’s long drive took us through New Mexico to an RV park Midland, Texas. Despite watching the clock, arrival was after dark and directions were poor, at best. After driving on dark, small, deep pot-holed streets, we finally wormed our way to the park, only to go in the wrong gate—wondering what we had gotten ourselves into—as the place was filled with “permanent” not-so-neat campers. Finally finding our site, it was not too bad as we were only staying the night; Ugh!

Thursday’s travel was from Midland to Mandeville, Arkansas, just a few miles northeast of Texarkana, where we arrived and set up just before dark, cutting it close. 

Taking our time to get rolling Wednesday morning, we were off by mid-morning, arriving at the motorhome storage bay just after lunch, glad to be home. Unpacking was uneventful, and over the course of the weekend we were almost back to normal.

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