Monday through Saturday, February 17-29, 2020—Just Living in an RV Resort

The winter season was winding down for us—having seen all the sights time would allow, and inventorying those that will have to be scheduled for next winter—yes, we plan to come back next year. Our daily activities were pretty normal for ones staying in a RV resort for the winter: walking, cycling, attending concerts, dancing, eating, hot tubbing, golf, pickleball, and even water volleyball (what a hoot). I continued Thursday golf with the Hot Springs Village foursome, playing at Johnson Ranch in Chandler on Thursday, February 20, and back at Robson Ranch on February 27. Kay continued her quest at becoming a pickleball player; she has really improved her golf game!

An auto show occurred our last Saturday, and last full day, at Palm Creek. The time and money to restore these beauties exhibited is unimaginable.

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