Tuesday and Wednesday, August 20-21—Dignity, and Traveling East then South Enroute Home

From Wall, our journey took us east on Interstate 90 where we stopped at Chamberlain, SD, to view a 50-foot high sculpture of Dignity of Earth and Sky (often shortened to just Dignity). The stainless steel sculpture stands high above a section of the Missouri, where she overlooks a region whose history is mostly celebrated for Lewis and Clark’s explorations. The enormous sculpture is dedicated the women of the Lakota and Dakota Nations.

After a long drive, we arrived in Ottawa, KS, where I planned to cycle the Rail Trail Hall Prairie Spirit Trail tomorrow.

Regrettably, the weather did not cooperate as rain and thunderstorms were predicted, and lightning flashed as we discussed plans for the day on Tuesday. Quickly making up our minds, we continued the drive south to home, arriving about 4 PM.

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