Sunday, August 18—Visiting Old Friends in Rapid City, South Dakota

We’ve completed all items on our “Black Hills of South Dakota” list. We are in Custer, SD, a quaint town which serves as the heart of the Black Hills tourist industry. Custer State Park, the largest state park in the US is near here. Mount Rushmore is a short drive, as is the Crazy Horse Memorial. Two national parks are nearby: Wind Cave and Jewel Cave. And of course, the Mickelson Trail passes through the town. There are many lodging places and several casual, but upscale restaurants. Painted bison can be found on most corners.

Shortly before lunch, we met Tim and Rosy in Rapid Citys for lunch, then toured their summer place of residence, Hart Ranch. It is a great RV resort in which to spend summers, with myriads of activities and accompanying infrastructure; it was very appealing to us, but we’re getting too old to make a long-term living commitment.

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