Tuesday, August 13—Medora, North Dakota, and the Medora Musical

Late last night, we did a sunset drive through Theodore Roosevelt NP, our last foray into the park, and one that would yield a beautiful sunset and moon rise.

.A life list item, three days was plenty sufficient to see the sights unless one wanted to do a lot of hiking. The Medora Musical is a musical revue that produced each summer at the open-air Burning Hills Amphitheater near Medora, North Dakota. The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation (TRMF) maintains the amphitheater and historical properties and projects in and near Medora (basically the who town, including restaurants, hotels, gift shops, etc. 

The amphitheater was carved out of the side of the badlands in Burning Gulch by local volunteers, cast members and boys from the Home on the Range Ranch. The original theater seated between 1,000, and 1,200 people. It was constructed of wooden benches on the hillside with rustic buildings that formed a set around the stage. The natural acoustics of the hillside meant that no sound system would be needed. 

The musical is a look back at the “Wild West” days of the region and includes references to Theodore Roosevelt, who spent time in western North Dakota, including in the nearby Theodore Roosevelt National Park.

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